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Gene 7R - Welcome!


Do you know the desire to see something what lies around that corner of the road, beyond that mount, what view is appearing from that peak or what may be hidden over that forest? Would you like to see with your own eyes the places that you have seen on the pictures? 
If yes, probably, you are one of those people who have a gene of travel and adventures – Gene 7R.

Between 70,000 and 50,000 years ago, ancient people began migrating around the world. Those of them who felt the attraction to movement, novelty and adventure, went forward, found new places, discovered unknown corners of our planet and expanded the boundaries of the world.

Some scientists who have studied human migration determined that most of these people had the DRD4–7R gene, known simply as the 7R gene.

In the modern world, for every person who loves traveling, there are always places that you want to visit, that you want to see, and there are people with whom you can share this passion.

We are glad you have visited our website. Here we will collect interesting places and routes, here you could find like-minded people  - those who strive to discover and see something new, those who are united by Gene7R.

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